The idea to establish our company was born in the early 2000’s in Vienna, Austria.
The large variety of beer brands, the special tastes and the incredible supply in Europe, made us fall in love with European beers. We decided that we want to offer the same experience also here, at home.
In 2002 we imported our first brand of beer. Since then, we have imported and offered to the Israeli public over 20 different and exciting brands.
We started out in Vienna, where we discovered some amazing lager and wheat beers. We then continued to Germany and the Czech Republic, countries where the beer drinking culture is unique. To make life more interesting we moved on to Belgium, where beers are fruity, strong and special. Last but not least, we have moved to England to select the English pint, which streams down one’s throat and gives you a stellar feeling.
Since the inception of our company we have been especially careful to offer to the Israeli public only the very best special beers available around the world. Our products are available in over 400 restaurants and bars, straight from the tap, or if you want to drink at home, they are also available in stores and premium professional shops.
Whether you choose tap or bottle – Enjoy and drink responsibly!
Radex is beer and beer is Radex!

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